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Fishers Catechism (Paperback) 
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Fishers Catechism (Paperback)
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Ebenezer Erskine and his son-in-law, James Fisher, were partners in producing what was at first spoken of as The Synod's Catechism, but came to be known better as Fisher's , for it was the younger man that finished it and perhaps had the main hand in most of it, though the greater share of the earlier part has been attributed to Ebenezer Erskine. This exposition of the Shorter Catechism attained a greater vogue than any other in Scotland, even than Willison's, though his was very much in use. Fisher's Catechism thus exercised more of a formative influence in moulding the thoughts of religious homes and in making so many of the people of Scotland skilled in theological matters than did any other single catechetical work expository of the Shorter Catechism. It continued to be issued down until the middle of the 19th century; and it found acceptance far beyond the ranks of the Secession. The Presbyterian Board at Philadelphia, in its first forty years, sold almost 20,000 copies. - From, Scottish Theology, by John MacCleod; (pg. 177). -- originally published in 1943, reprinted Greenville, SC: Reformed Academic Press, 1995.

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